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Since its start, the Garvalín Group has been defined with a very clear mission: to make quality shoes. An apparently simple goal which, however, involves a declaration of intent and a certain form of working: to innovate and seek excellence through the union of know-how and creativity. ever since its creation in 1968 the company has combined a noble tradition in footwear with all the entrepreneurial and creative energy of the region. Throughout this time, Garvalín has created its products by placing special attention on the analysis of customer requirements, which range from the first pair of shoes presented to a newborn through to footwear for children who have consolidated walking and mastered the first steps and crawling and moved onto school and leisure activities. This long experience in the treatment of the raw material and production processes, as well as a drive for talent in the service of creativity, define a product ideally placed for an increasingly better informed and more demanding customer base.

In tune with contemporary styles, Garvalín develops a versatile and contemporary design. As a whole, it aspires to offer a first shoe, i.e., a multipurpose design that can be worn with any outfit and which satisfies the multiple requirements of those demanding users that are children.

Our commitment to quality is shown in the meticulous insides, removable anti-bacteria insoles, natural leather linings and in our compliance with international regulations on footwear and respect for the environment in all processes.

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